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Upon retirement dues will be reduced to $10/month.  This covers your life insurance costs.  For details, please see “Life Insurance Summary” under the “Important Links” tab.  Please be aware, during the separation process you must approve the $10 per month deduction to maintain your membership .


Starting on April 1, 2012, the IUPA is providing to members of the Fairfax Coalition of Police, IUPA Local 5000 a Legal Defense Fund (LDF) that provides legal defense coverage for officers in critical incidents and in criminal and civil cases arising from an act or omission in the course and scope of employment as a law enforcement officer. If a member is in a critical incident or needs Legal Defense coverage, the Officer should contact their Local 5000 representative or the LDF 24 hour hotline at 800-255-5610.

Local News

(8/24/2012) Local5000 will be attempting to sponsor and organize a 5K run to benefit a cancer organization.  Hopefully, this will occur between Halloween and Thansgiving.  Many officers have been dealing with the disease and its our way to show some support. 

(8/22/2012) We are meeting with Sue Woodruff (Director of HR) to assist in creating a benefit for newly hired officers that want to save their sick leave.  Based on the new rules, officers hored after July 1, 2012 will only be allowed to accrue 2080hrs towards retirement.  Any saved sick leave will be “use or lose.”

(7/14/2012) Local5000 meets with new County Executive Ed Long.  CE Long appears supportive of all employee groups.  We emphasized the reduction in retirement contribution (10% to 8%) and again he was supportive.  We are also pushing for a strategic plan so we NEVER lose merits & longevities again.  We will keep you updated.

(4/20/2012) BOS approves merits and longevity steps; Vote will take place on 4/24/2012 @ 1000am in Government Center.  We have worked hard on this issue and partnered with the EAC, SEIU, Association, and Fire Union to achieve this goal.  Great job by all!

(4/20/2012) We have been advocating for Cadets disciplined for tobacco use.  Great decision and leadership demonstrated by Chief Rohrer.  He held Cadets accountable, provided appropriate discipline, and reinstated them in current academy.  Thanks Chief Rohrer!

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